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(1) An Introduction to Write, Right?

Welcome to your writing course!

The first video is an introduction to Write, Right? that explains what we do, who we are, and highlights what's to come in future videos. 

What makes up a story? 

(2) The Basics of a Story

In this video, the basic elements that make up a story are illustrated. The elements are reviewed individually and we offer tips on how to make this process easy and fun. 

(3) Inspiration & The Different Genres

How do I come up with an idea? 

The third video explains how to start a story and how to come up with ideas. The different writing genres are reviewed so that you may pick one and know what to include in your story.

What happens in my story?

(4) Outlining

The fourth video discusses ways of 

planning plot and creating characters. It illustrates key aspects to include when outlining a story and is an important step before you can begin writing.

(5) Figurative Language 

How do I improve my writing? 

This video illustrates literary techniques that can be used in writing and improve it tremendously. Some of these include metaphors, similes, and symbols.