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The Write Right Now Narratives 

The Write Right Now Narratives aim to connect students to and through creative writing. The goal is to inspire young writers to pursue the written craft by sharing the stories of student writers from around the world.

Read the stories from talented Write Right Now Contributors below! 

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    Lucia Rose Dahn

    Keira Hadlich

    Kendall Knowlton

    Rebecca Pollak

    Evelyn Combs 

    R.H. Naranjo

    Clara McCartney

    Sofia Perez

    Julia Pavlina Zichy

    "Reflections" by Lucia Rose Dahn

    growing up, I never heard anyone talk about growing up as tragic bittersweet challenging complicated, yes, but look at it, isn’t it quite...

    "Seaweed, Sickly, and Mint" by Evelyn Combs

    Green. A couple cars puttered off. At the start of this town there were three stop lights, like pendants hung from one filament. They all...

    "A Cruel Twist of Fate" by Keira Hadlich

    James Bowery didn’t believe in Fate, or God, or any other mystical force that theoretically controlled the universe. No, James Bowery was...

    "All We Know" by Lucia Rose Dahn

    Home is the place you grow up in, right? The house where I have spent fifteen years, With the address that is easy to remember And decor...

    "Double Edged Sword" by Becca Pollack

    We’ve all made pretty stupid mistakes right? I’ve had my fair share. I’ve gotten back together with a toxic ex, once blew my whole...

    "Fire Spears" by R.H. Naranjo

    I smiled at my sister’s house: a wooden cabin on a field of carrots and potatoes. The smell of pine felt fresh. . .

    "Looks Can Be Deceiving" by Kendall Knowlton

    Monsters weren’t legends in this world. They were the only thing inhabiting it. There was magic, there were fangs and claws and wings....

    "Potions" by Evelyn Combs

    The little cottage couldn’t walk away Even if it wanted to. Choked by ivy chains. With grimy windows like portholes Looking out on a sea...

    "The Atlas" by Sofia Perez

    “You can love two things at once, Bilquis,” Kemisa told me, her eyes cast down towards her graying wedding dress.

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