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Write Right Now is a website dedicated to sharing writing resources with students in an easy and accessible way.  The organization aims to share the benefits of writing and the way in which creative writing can transform one’s life.

The mission of Write Right Now is to instill a love of writing, familiarize students with writing resources, and encourage them to use creative writing as a form of self-expression.

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    My purpose in creating this website is to share my knowledge about writing with other students who may not have the tools to begin writing. I hope that with informative tutorial videos, various writing prompts, and information about competitions, students will be able to enjoy the thrill of storytelling as much as I do. Writing is a crucial skill that enables students to connect with themselves and the community. Through Write Right Now, I hope to inspire students to use their voices and the written craft to raise awareness about important issues and promote change.



    Whether you're watching a movie and wishing you could create a storyline, or have always wanted a novel with your name on it, realizing your passion for writing is the first step. 


    From there, it's simple. Tell your story, and this can be done in several ways. Maybe you love memoirs and historical non-fiction stories, or maybe you're an avid lover of science fiction and fantasy. Whatever it is, you have to have a desire to tell your story. 

    The next step, beginning to write. Make the time for this creative outlet, and although it may seem hard at first, the end reward is worth it. Everyone has a different writing style and a goal for their literary work, but in order to accomplish whatever your  purpose, you have to make a routine of writing!



    The last step is harder than it seems. Show the manuscript to a family member or teacher, or share it with a friend. Maybe you'll choose to post your work online, or head straight to a publisher. Feedback can be hard to hear, but can also bring out the best in you and your work. It's essential to help you grow, as a writer and a person.

    Write Right Now



    2018 - present

    Hi! I'm Lucia, and I have been writing since I was eleven years old. In middle school, my passion for creative writing led me to write numerous short stories and novellas. My stories, “Alone” and “Just Maybe,” earned the Grand Prize for the middle and high school divisions in the La Plume Young Writers’ Contest, and are digitally published. I have also been awarded four Regional Gold Keys through the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for my novella, poetry, and short fiction works. In order to share my love of writing with other students, I developed Write Right Now (www.write-right-now.com) in 2019. The site offers easily accessible writing resources and provides guidance on the writing process. I have presented the Write Right Now platform to Breakthrough Miami Scholars, introducing writing as a means of creative self-expression. In April of 2021, I presented a TEDx talk titled, “The Place Where Anything Is Possible,” which invites you to recognize the infinite creative potential in writing, and to consider how you can use storytelling to embrace alternative possibilities. I greatly developed my writing skills by attending the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio and being a Speak Up Fiction Fellow in the summer of 2021. This summer, I am pursuing a school-sponsored independent study in the humanities where I will explore the impact of summer writing programs on the development of young writers.