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Write Right Now is a website dedicated to sharing writing resources with students in an easy and accessible way.  The organization aims to share the benefits of writing and the way in which creative writing can transform one’s life.

The mission of Write Right Now is to instill a love of writing, familiarize students with writing resources, and encourage them to use creative writing as a form of self-expression.

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    My purpose in creating this website is to share my knowledge about writing with other students who may not have the tools to begin writing. I hope that with informative tutorial videos, various writing prompts, and information about competitions, students will be able to enjoy the thrill of storytelling as much as I do. Writing is a crucial skill that enables students to connect with themselves and the community. Through Write Right Now, I hope to inspire students to use their voices and the written craft to raise awareness about important issues and promote change.

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    2018 - present

    Hi! I'm Lucia, and I have been writing since I was ten years old. I was an avid reader through childhood which inspired me to begin writing in middle school. My passion for creative writing quickly developed and I had the opportunity to participate in several competitions, including the La Plume Young Writer's Contest and Scholastic Art and Writing. In the last two years, I have written several short stories and novels, many of them science-fiction. 

    I am the author of a novella titled Cause of the Dark, which received a Regional Gold Key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in 2019, and am currently working on a third novel, In The End. My flash fiction, "Latched" also earned a Regional Gold Key in the Scholastic Awards in 2020. My short story, Alone, was the 2018 Grand Prize winner of the La Plume Young Writer's Contest. More recently, in 2019, my science-fiction short story, One, was the second place winner. I used my prize money to purchase the Write Right Now site, logo, and domain, and to cover the costs of running the website for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school year.

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    The Process 

    1. Passion     

    2. Brainstorming   


    3. Writing 


    4. Launching