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    Corporate Culture
    • Corporate Vision

      Make CCTECH a first-class IC equipment supplier in the world.
    • Corporate Mission

      Provide cost-effective products and services for the development of IC industry.
    • Core Values

      Customer-oriented, striving hard and advancing the development of the enterprise and individual
    Ten Articles of CCTECH

    Underpinned by the corporate visions, missions, and core values of CCTECH, the Ten Articles of CCTECH is the basic principle pursued by all workers of CCTECH. The principles set a good example for us to shape our values and behaviors, guiding us to make decisions and act properly.

    It is a basic requirement for us to get familiar with, understand, and practice the Ten Articles of CCTECH, which are also principles that we must adhere to.


    Be honest and trustworthy, and don't employ trickery.


    Be customer-oriented, and don't ignore customers' needs.


    Work hard and perseveringly, and don't slack off or waste.


    Put the organization's interests first, and don't prioritize personal interests.


    Be results-oriented and responsible, and don't shirk responsibilities.


    Be a better team player, and don't be selfish or bureaucratic.


    Criticize others and yourself, and don't pretend harmony towards others or keen on face-saving.


    Keep self-study, improve yourself and innovate, and don't be complacent, conformist or close-minded.


    Be able to manage superior or inferior roles, and don't rest on your laurels, be afraid of challenges, or be insubordinate.


    Be quick to respond and work efficiently, and don't be dilatory and repetitively inefficient.


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